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We all have many stories we can tell about ourselves.

Here are two of mine:


Betsy is an acclaimed author and longtime freelancer who has a lot of thoughts about what to eat - and why.


Her book, The Dinner Diaries: Raising Whole Wheat Kids in a White Bread World (Algonquin 2008), received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, was Family Circle's Book Pick of the Month, the Progressive Book Club's Staff Pick, and was featured in Everyday with Rachael Ray, Boston Globe and The Washington Post. Betsy has spoken about it regionally and nationally, in person and on the radio.  

She has been called “hilarious,” “talented,” “smart,” “edgy,” “fun,” and “one of my favorite Boston writers,” not to mention, “laugh out loud funny” by The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and NPR.  Her writing includes food features, profiles, health articles, restaurant reviews, travel pieces, essays, and lifestyle stories for NPR, Wondertime, Cookie, Entrepreneur, Natural Health,, The Boston Globe, Boston magazine, and online city guides Sidewalk and CitySearch. 

Betsy graduated with honors from Brown in 1988 and received her Master's from Tufts' Fletcher School in 2014. She lives near Boston with her husband and is always available to talk to her two now-adult kids, who call more often than she ever dared hope.



Having spent 40 years healing from extensive childhood trauma, Betsy is finally whole in body and spirit. When she was 31, she was diagnosed with a head and neck injury, which she later realized was linked to an assault when she was 12. A world-renowned neurologist likened Betsy's condition to "untreatable epilepsy," but she had just become a mother, so she knew she only had one option, and that was to heal.


To the amazement of her many doctors and practitioners, and against all odds, Betsy has done just that. She is now aging backwards and creating like crazy. She intends to devote the rest of her long, healthy life to helping herself and others heal, grow and find joy.


Delicious, healthful, well-sourced food is a must for both physical health and happiness.  

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